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The vocal and instrumental forces of TONUS PEREGRINUS are joined by Londinium, Tiffin Boys' Choir, and Aldeburgh Young Musicians – under the batons of Joanna Forbes L'Estrange, Ben Parry, and the composer – in this world premiere recording of the oratorio-musical Jerusalem-Yerushalayim. Recorded in the Memorial Chapel at Charterhouse, the double album has been released digitally by 1equalmusic and is now available for download from the Hyperion website.   >>

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double album digital audio & PDF souvenir booklet with complete libretto and photographs

1.  The King of Salem  A 1

PRELUDE / Leave your country / Blessed be Avram [tenor: NV – Melchizedek]

2.  On Mount Moriah  A 2

Fear not [bass: AK – Abram] / Avraham, take now your son [Abraham, treble: RP – Isaac] /

ADONAI Yir’eh [Abraham, Isaac, treble: EU –  Jacob]

3.  Blessing and Cursing  A 3

I carried you on eagles’ wings [bass: FB – Moses]

4.  A House for the Lord  A 4

DANCE / I will not go home [tenor: BH – David] / I have greatly sinned [David]

5.  Called by My Name  A 5

I was glad [tenor: AH – Solomon] / If My people

6.  The King of Babylon and the Desolations of Jerusalem  A 6

Jerusalem, return to Me! / I remember you [soprano: LB – Jeremiah] / When you were born [alto: KK – Ezekiel] / How alone! [Jeremiah]

If I forget you, O Jerusalem [alto: ALE – Daniel] / O Lord, great God [Daniel] / Seventy ‘sevens’... [soprano: JFL – Gabriel & Daniel]

8.  The Walls of Jerusalem  B 1

Koresh king of Persia [bass: NF – Cyrus, Darius, Artaxerxes, alto: RB – Nehemiah] / They that sow in tears

9.  Hosanna!  B 2

Salvation / Break into joy [soprano: RH/JFL alto: KK/ALE tenor: BH/AH/NV bass: FB/NF/AK] / INTERLUDE

10.  Many days without a king  B 3

Tziyon shall be ploughed under [soprano: LB alto: RB tenor: RE bass: FB] / O send out Your light and Your truth [soprano: JFL, alto: RB]

11.  In the Valley of Dry Bones  B 4

Can a woman’s tender care [soprano: RH alto: ALE tenor: RE bass: FB] / Our bones are dry [Ezekiel] / When Israel lived in their own land / Halleluyah!

12.  A House of Prayer for all people  B 5

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem [soprano: RH – Elijah] / The fig tree puts forth… [soprano: RH alto: KK tenor: AH bass: AK] / See, I make Jerusalem a cup of trembling [bass: AK] / And on that day His feet shall stand / You will arise (Shout for joy!) [tenor: RE] / You who thirst [soprano: LB/JFL alto: RB/KK tenor: BH/NV bass: NF/AK] / Then shall living waters stream [soprano: JFL/RH alto: KK tenor: RE bass: FB]

The Peace of Jerusalem  B 6

CODA (a cappella) [soprano: JFL/RH alto: KK/ALE tenor: RE/AH bass: FB/NF]