An oratorio-musical by Antony Pitts remixed with Biblical narration by David Suchet, Jerusalem-Yerushalayim is an extraordinary musical cross between Handel’s Messiah, Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms, and classic rock anthems, and tells simply but powerfully the Old Testament story of Jerusalem – in modern English but with ancient Hebrew names for familiar Biblical characters and places.


“Antony Pitts is something of a musical polymath: composer, choir director, conductor, teacher and radio producer are some of the strings to his musical bow. He may be best known to Australian audiences as Artistic Director of The Song Company... Textually, the work uses the Jewish (and by extension, Christian) scriptures to evoke the city regarded as holy by Jews, Christians, and Muslims, beginning with the genealogy of Abraham and concluding with Isaiah's vision of a peaceful Jerusalem. Musically, the score is thoroughly postmodern. Pitts peppers his kaleidoscopic pop-style writing with numerous references to Western art music ranging from Dunstaple, White, and Tallis through to Handel and Parry. This studio remix of a 2011 recording (with biblical verses read by David Suchet) eagerly communicates the commitment of the young performers, underlining the composer's hope that the oratorio will have wide audience appeal, regardless of listeners' backgrounds. The challenging but rewarding score could provide a unifying focus for performers of different origins in the midst of very real conflict in the Middle East.” Limelight

“These are the first fruits of a collaboration between Hyperion, who have already recorded some of Antony Pitts’ colourful music, and the label 1equalmusic. If you have heard the Hyperion recording of Alpha and Omega [CDA67668] you’ll have heard the coda from Jerusalem-Yerushalayim... I am not alone among my MusicWeb colleagues in enjoying Pitts’ own music and the performances by his group TONUS PEREGRINUS of his music and that of others; the new release is equally fine.” MusicWeb

“...with Hyperion [TONUS PEREGRINUS] have embarked on a programme of recording works by Pitts himself, and Alpha and Omega is a companion album to Seven Letters . Embracing both large public works (the a cappella coda for an oratorio, Jerusalem-Yerushalayim commissioned for a concert hall in Israel) and intimate occasions..., all the pieces here confirm the composer’s command of the entire history of choral music...” BBC Music Magazine

“TONUS PEREGRINUS is proving to be one of the most skilful vocal groups around. Its composer/founder/director demands much from his singers, which they accomplish with impressive fluency and musicality. Pitts shows considerable ingenuity and flair in his settings of sacred texts, which include The Peace of Jerusalem,...” Choir & Organ

“The enthralling opening work is the coda from Pitts’ Jerusalem-Yerushalayim... The received etymology of the name Jerusalem links it with the Semitic root s-l-m, peace, and that’s the spirit that breathes through this work...” MusicWeb International

“...My first impulse on hearing this disc [Seven Letters CDA67507] was to commend it unreservedly to each and every man, woman, and child on the planet, including those who think they don’t like religious music, choral music, or music... Heatedly recommended...” Fanfare

“...[in] TONUS PEREGRINUS, Pitts has assembled an ensemble for which he can write with impunity. Their ability to negotiate the music’s extreme demands is staggering, and they do it with wonderfully pure tone, warm blend, and impassioned expressiveness. Pitts is a composer to watch out for: these remarkably assured and compelling works [Alpha and Omega CDA67668] should be strong interest to any fan of contemporary choral music” Allmusic, USA

“Not yet 40, Antony Pitts, together with John Rutter and Taverner is perhaps one of the most sought-after British composers of contemporary choral works. He is already the recipient of several prestigious awards such as the Prix Italia... The first Hyperion issue [Seven Letters CDA67507] dedicated to choral works by this prodigious composer got some truly rave reviews, and this second disc [Alpha and Omega CDA67668] will undoubtedly make its mark... TONUS PEREGRINUS... perform with spellbinding excitement matching spirituality with technical prowess. This is a sumptuously beautiful disc on all counts.”

“A composer on a spiritual quest who’s found the near-perfect singers for it... they sound as ideal a group... as he is likely to find this side of the Heaven to which so much of his music aspires... Gloriously sung by this superb choir, Antony Pitts's collection of choral music [Seven Letters CDA67507] has the potential to be a real runaway success. His is a compositional voice of real personality and imagination...” Gramophone Editor’s Choice

“ turned out it was by Antony Pitts of TONUS PEREGRINUS, who has remarkable ways with music...” The Independent on Sunday


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